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Oreen (AGC) by Eragon2589 Oreen (AGC) by Eragon2589
After a lot of time looking the "old" Oreen map i created, i decided to edit it again, and this time is almost a new map. This is going to be the map for a serie of RPGs campaigns.
In this case, i removed the textures from the map and replaced the mountain and forest with new designs. The original size of the map is 6000x4878 (the display is pretty smaller)

What is "AGC? I just wanted to create an argument for changing the map terrain. Basically, this is the new shape after hundred years of the called "Great Cataclysm", which involved the never-ending battle against the Ancients (and his armies): The Ice Titan Efaldir, The Dead Lord Mortharus, The Swamp Serpent Tharos, The Deep Lord Kazak, The Eternal Fire Djasu and Baalmur, the Dark Crystal Creature.

Like the old Oreen, you can find various "factions" (not including all the creatures/pirates/bandits/mercenaries/evil creatures, etc):
Bullet; White The Morden Empire: Medieval European like empire.
Bullet; Green The Janlyn Empire: Medieval Asian like empire. 
Bullet; Orange The Kadel Dynasty: Ancient Egypt like empire (A "demigod" as ruler, followed by the royal family and high priests).
Bullet; Purple The Safis Kingdom: Medieval Asian like empire.
Bullet; Blue Haugr Kingdom: Nordic-Viking kingdom.
Bullet; Red Craican Empire: Military based empire (think in something like Sparta).
Bullet; Yellow Elven Houses: There's a Royal House, but each house follows his own leader. The structure is like the Game of Thrones "houses organisation".
Bullet; Blue Dwarven Clans: Each Clan follow his own rules and make alliances with other clans when is needed. The "Stone Lords" is the Clan choosen by all the other clans to lead the Dwarfs as one big nation.
Bullet; Red Free Cities and Towns: Some cities which follow his own laws and rules.
Bullet; Green Barbarian tribes or Monster cities.

Bullet; Purple There're some Points of Interest, like the Abyss Rift (a giant crack in the mountains, which have a passage to the underworld), a Jungle Temple (Qakoph), a sunken city, etc.

Bullet; Purple (NEW!) Under Oreen:…
Bullet; Yellow The Oreen Planes:…

If someone want to use for a RPG campaign too, feel free to download it and use it, but with the following conditions:
Bullet; Black This map is for non-commercial use only!
Bullet; Black If you know someone who wants to download and use this map, please redirect him to this deviantArt page (or to my gallery)

Bullet; Black Old Oreen - Link

Parchements by MediocreMemory - Link
Fonts used: 
Milwich - Link
Dungeon - Link
DS_Mysticora - Link
Also i like to credit Emily for her wonderful name generators, which helped me with the names - Page link
MarkonPhoenix Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016
In this style a lot better! Nice!
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